111 Top Best Free Email Account Services Providers Sites | Free Email Sites [January 2017]

Free Email Sites Email or E-mail is a short form or name of electronic mail, it is similar to send a letter from one to other destination. some early decades people were sending information via letters or postal cards. it was very long process to send information, it take a time around one month or more. Internet,Telephone or Fax system had not developed or come in the world, and send messages via post office or some other resources. Today email is a very fast service to send a messages from one person to another or one destination to other destination via computer or other devices in all over the world across the internet. Email is a system to exchanged information between two or more users at the same time via communication network or internet network. some early years when a sender was send a mail to receiver via computer network, both were online same time. but today not necessary to online, when a sender send email to receiver, it save the recipient mail server automatically. Here we provide the some of top best secure free email services providers websites or company that provide you facility for email. some most popular E-mail websites such as Gmail.Com,Gmx.Com Zoho.Com Aol.Com Mail.COM, Outlook.com

Email Address An Email address is a local label name for an email postbox. it is same as the house name in a city or country, all the email addresses name are unique which used to identifies of an email address easily. An email address is a prefix general format it is separates int two parts. The first part of all email addresses, the part before @ sign, are a local or alias name of any person, users, company, school, department, firms or groups. The unit after @ sign is the domain name or email service provider company name. The @ symbol separates or consists username and domain name in two separate parts. It is compulsory to all the email addresses. for example Nahar.singh@gmail.com here the first part before @ sign, "Nahar.singh" is a users name or after the @ sign "gmail.com" is a domain name or service provider company name.

In the below table we provide the best free email websites that helps users to create your email account free and use best email services for personal use. These email sites also provide the best business email services for the business uses. All the email services provider websites or company free for personal use.